Bone Cells How they Make-up Bones

There are three different kinds of bone cells. This is because they have different jobs to do. Some bone cells make new bone by laying down deposits of calcium phosphate to build up the mineral content of the bones. Two hormones assist these special cells by making the calcium phosphate available, enabling the calcium phosphate to be easily removed from the blood and deposited as new bone. After finishing their work, these special cells change into mature bone cells, surrounded by a matrix of spongy calcium phosphate.

The individual bone cells whereby each of the arms is able to pass nutrients from one cell to another within the bone matrix. The third kind of bone cell has the job of demolition. These cells are made from the white blood cells and work with a different hormone to break down the calcium phosphate matrix. As it does this, the calcium which is released is transferred back to the blood.

We have all heard of the sex hormones, oestrogen in women and testosterone in men. It has been found that these two hormones actually prevent the demolition bone cells from breaking down calcium phosphate. This means that your bones remain strong. If somebody is suffering from a condition called Paget ’s disease, they have symptoms of weakened bones. This is caused by too much calcium being released from the bones back to the blood.

As your body needs to be able to move and because you need a framework to attach the soft parts of your body, you have a bony skeleton inside you. We all have one. It is made up of bones, cartilage, tendons and ligaments. This makes a strong, moveable structure that is also light enough to be able to move your body around.

Most people think of bones just being there, mainly to hold your muscles and tissues in place and give you shape. Bones do much more than that. As explained above, one of their more important jobs involves increasing and decreasing the amount of calcium in your bones. This is important because it provides your muscles with the minerals they need. This occurs in a direct action between your bones and your blood system. Excess calcium is stored within the matrix of the bones which are very rich with blood vessels, as can be seen in the diagram.

To stay healthy the bones need to have a good balance between all the three kinds of bone cells. This provides a strong and flexible framework to support the stresses and strains of day-to-day living. This balance is very delicate and can be very easily upset. Some things that might upset this balance are various kinds of hormones.

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