Height Increasing for Adults

Once you are an adult you are limited as to just what you can do to help grow taller simply because you have already been through the major growth processes earlier in your life.

But can you grow Taller after Puberty? Yes you can!

Which are the most effective ways to increase height and grow taller once you are an adult? Here are some suggestions and secrets for you.

  • Exercises: Doing the proper exercises you can increase your height proportionally. You will see that we have a whole chapter dedicated to exercises, because they are a very important part of the weekly routine for everyone who wants to grow taller.
  • Improving Posture: Improving your posture will result in improved height. If you are slouching you are obviously looking shorter and less confident. If you want to make an impression, you have to keep your head up, stand properly, with your shoulders back and smile! Your posture has a lot to do with the impression you make on the others and can change their perception of you significantly.

You can definitely work on your posture if you strengthen your back muscles enough. There are many ways to do that. You can either lift some weights making sure you have exercises such as stiff-legged dead lifts, single arm rows and shrugs, and bent over rows as well. These types of exercises work the back muscles and are vital to keeping your shoulders in their proper position and strengthening and straightening the back.

Looking Taller – How to Dress

Here are some small details that can actually make a huge difference when it comes to your height and the way you look. The first thing you need to consider is the way you dress. Solid and dark colours make you look taller and thinner. Let’s see some tips:

  1. If you choose a top in a different colour than your bottoms, you will probably look shorter.
  2.  Stripes can make you look thinner, if they are vertical, and taller. The checked patterns  can have the opposite result.
  3. Darker colours and light clothing materials also help you appear taller.
  4. If you are wearing blazers do not choose the ones that have a few buttons because they will make you look shorter
  5. Do not wear turtlenecks as they make the neck look shorter but choose vneck tops because they can add length
  6. Choose pants that sit above your hips so as to give the impression of longer legs. The low rise ones might be trendy but they make you look shorter.
  7. Shoes are also very important. You need to buy something that has heels and combine them with long pants. Do not wear short pants with high heels because that can make you look much shorter than you are.

How about a nice Haircut?

Especially for men, a haircut can be really important and determining for their height impression. Avoid long hair because they make your neck and shoulders look shorter and narrower. Try to keep your hair short so as to look more sophisticated and neat.

Limb Lengthening Surgery

If you would do anything to grow taller and gain some height, then you should know that there is another option as well: limb lengthening surgery Limb lengthening and reconstruction techniques can be used to replace missing bone and lengthen and/ or straighten deformed bone segments. The procedures may be performed on both children and adults who have limb length discrepancies due to birth defects, diseases or injuries. The limb lengthening and deformity correction process works on the principle of distraction osteogenesis.

              This is a revolutionary concept that reverses the long-held belief that bone cannot be regenerated. In this process, a bone that has been cut during surgery can be gradually distracted (pulled apart), leading to new bone formation (osteogenesis) at the site of the lengthening. In this way, bone segments can be lengthened by 15 to 100 percent of their original length. We use a variety of techniques, including the use of monolateral (one-sided) and circular external fixation devices, to correct angular deformities as well as limb length discrepancies. With these procedures, we provide opportunities for individuals who previously had no treatment alternatives.

The Ilizarov method, which is the most common method used today is based on a principle called distraction osteogenesis: gradually pulling apart a bone that’s been surgically cut causes new bone to grow. The multi-phase Ilizarov method blends distraction osteogenesis with high technology to lengthen bone or stretch soft tissue.

Compared with other orthopaedic procedures, the method is slow, requiring dedication from the medical team and the patient.

The process of this surgery consists of cutting the bone, building metal frames to surround that bone, then putting pins in the bones so they can be moved apart. Once this part of the procedure is done, the new bone will start growing and filling in the gaps making it longer in result. The average growth you can have with this method is approximately 1mm per day, acquiring 4-5 inches after a while. It is a very effective and permanent solution, but you might reconsider it, because it is very expensive and requires a lot of healing time and processes. It is also an extremely painful option.

It takes between five and 10 days for the body’s natural inflammatory response to occur. Then, in the next phase, the actual lengthening or straightening of the bone begins. The patient or a family member adjusts the small wheel on the fixator (the device that pulls the bone apart) at designated times during the day; some specially designed fixators equipped with computer software make this very simple. Typically, the bone is pulled apart at a rate of 1 millimeter a day (about 1/25th of an inch); the body’s response is to grow new bone to fill the gap.

The decision to undergo cosmetic limb lengthening should not be taken lightly.

Recovery is long and difficult. Patients are required to undergo two or three hours of physical therapy per day. Narcotics are generally prescribed to help patients deal with the intense pain associated with the recovery period, although most people who have undergone cosmetic limb lengthening surgery still say the recovery is the most painful thing they have ever experienced. A wheelchair, walker, and/or crutches will be needed until the patient regains full mobility. Long term nerve and vascular damage are among the more serious complications associated with the surgery.

Among those suffering from dwarfism, cosmetic limb lengthening is a highly controversial issue. Many people suffering from dwarfism believe the operation is not worth the trouble and that those considering the procedure simply need more support to deal with the effects of their disability. In fact, the advocacy group Little People of America has taken an official position against the procedure.

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