Improving Posture for More Height

Once we get older, our posture changes due to the longer sitting hours and less time we find for ourselves. We tend to “shrink” as we get older. We don’t need to. The good posture is not just a matter of fashion models. And it’s not all about standing or sitting erect. We must know how to train each part of our body to maintain its best position. We have to learn how to hold head, pelvis, legs, how to sit and walk correctly. And there are many more do’s and don’ts we need to learn or undo in order to not only correct our posture but to maintain inches we have and, more importantly, add a few more.

Tilted Pelvis Problem

Who would think that pelvis could be important for our posture, or even height? Well, it is. Large stomach, for example, is often a consequence of a condition called “Milted pelvis”, a.k.a pelvis that is carried far forward. Big stomach is a result of having no or almost no stomach muscles. Relevant exercises that can help you deal with this problem. The same set of exercises is for people with weak knee joints.

Knock-Knees and Bow-Legs

Knock-knees are pretty common phenomena and easily can take off a couple of inches of your height. Knock-knee person walks with their weight transferred on their inner arch of their feet (instep). The only way to improve this condition is to start walking with your arched raised and weight transferred on the outer rim of the feet.

What happens now is that knees got separated by default. Eventually, legs will get back to their straight position. Doctors also can prescribe special shoes or inserts that could help a lot if you keep walking properly. Bow-legs is just opposite phenomena of knock-knee. So, in this case, one should focus the weight on the instep. Special shoes work in this case as well.

Rounded Shoulders

Abnormal curvature of the upper part of the spine coupled with an unnatural forward thrust of the shoulders means a condition that is called ”Rounded shoulder”. The most common symptom is holding the head way too forward.

 “Rounded shoulders Exercise” and it should be performed a few additional times each day. Along with that, it’s important to carry your head high and your chin up whenever you are walking or sitting. Shoulders should never be allowed to drop forward. In other words, keep your shoulders always back and relaxed. Women in particularly should be aware of this condition because “rounded shoulders” lead to sagging breasts.

It’s very important not to exaggerate in trying to develop a habit of carrying your head up because it could lead to a rigid posture which, itself, could lead to improper breathing. It’s important to remember that everything should be done in a comfortable manner.

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