Pretty much all the breast enhancement pills on the market are herbs. And while these provide a convenient way to get a variety of the best breast enhancing herbs in one simple pill – they also have downsides.

For starters, most of the herbal pills don’t contain large enough doses of the herbs for you to experience much enhancement. The ingredients work – the amount just isn’t potent enough.

You’d have to double and with some brands, even triple the dosage to trigger the kind of growth most of us are looking for.

Which brings us to another downside – you have no control over the individual herbs when you take a pre-blended formula.

And that’s just no good ‘cause you’re probably not going to get along with all the herbs out there.

Some herbs will be your best boobie-growing friend while others will just plain suck. That’s ‘cause each of these herbs come with their own set of wonderful benefits and not-so-wonderful potential side effects.

Benefits include breast growth…side effects include bloating…

Convenience is nice, but customization is key when it comes to successfully and safely growing on herbs. You want to make sure you’re picking the ones that work for your body.

The last reason we much prefer to go the DIY route with herbs is for simple health reasons.

Herbs are all-naturally grown from our lovely, green earth – which means the majority of them are sprayed with pesticides.

You’re going to be taking herbs in fairly large doses – the last thing you want to be getting along with the boob-enhancing goodness is a load of toxins. Choosing and buying your own herbs allows you to make damn sure that your herbs are organically grown and pesticide-free.

As you can see – going the DIY route to herbs just makes sense. It allows you to control which herbs you take, how much of each herb you take, and how pure and clean your herbs are. Plus, it’s cheaper and once we’ve simplified it for you, it’ll be stupid simple!

But first, let’s find out the top ways to maximize growth on herbs!

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